Join Cathy Heller for 5 Days of Transformation and Clarity

2020 Vision Challenge


Let’s make 2020 the year when you find out what you’re put here to do and how you’re meant to serve.  

This is a 5 day challenge to get clarity on your life's work, find the people you're meant to serve, and transform your passion into a beautiful, purposeful, and profitable business!

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Starting Monday, January 13

5pm PST / 8pm EST LIVE in the Don't Keep Your Day Job Community Facebook Group

The FREE Training Kicks Off In....


I’ll go live every day from January 13-17th in our Facebook Group to walk you through the key steps to make your dream job a reality in 2020.

Most of all, you will walk away with a renewed sense of who you are, what opportunities are waiting for you, how you can make your contribution to the world, and how to show up for yourself in the biggest, most fulfilling way possible. 

Plus - on Day 5 I’m doing a special webinar on the 3 Essentials to Have the Best Year Ever for an even deeper dive on the amazing possibilities that await you when you put these pieces together.

This is going to be such a powerful way to kick off the new decade. It’s finally time you unbecome what you’re not and return home to who you are and what you’re truly destined to do.  

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Hi, I'm Cathy, and I want to welcome you home to yourself. I am here to help you learn to listen to that whisper within that has always wanted to paint more or write or open a bakery. I will light a path forward to show you how doable it really is to get paid to serve others in the ways you feel most alive. In oder to make brilliant things we need the courage to begin before we’re “ready” or “perfect". The core of being successful in life or business means having radical empathy. I find coaching so rewarding because I have helped thousands of people find momentum and create a life they love waking up to. 

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